function (sysFindObject source criteria) → list of objects


is a string that must specify one or more of the following categories:

b Include beams
G Include ONLY stargates
G:xyz; Include ONLY stargate with ID ‘xyz’
k Include markers
m Include missiles
s Include ships
t Include stations (including planets)
T Include structure-scale stations
t:xyz; Same as “t +xyz;”
T:xyz; Same as “T +xyz;”
z Include the player

and may contain any number of the following options:

A Active objects only (i.e., objects that can attack)
D:xyz; Only objects with data ‘xyz’
E Enemies of the source only
F Friends of the source only
H Only objects whose base = source
I:angle; Only objects that intersect line from source
J Same sovereign as source
J:unid; Sovereign unid = unid
K Killed objects only (i.e., objects that cannot attack)
L:x-y; Objects of level x to y.
M Manufactured objects only (i.e., no planets or asteroids)
N Return only the nearest object to the source
N:nn; Return only objects within nn light-seconds
O:docked; Ships that are currently docked at source
O:escort; Ships ordered to escort source
O:guard; Ships ordered to guard source
P Only objects that can be detected (perceived) by source
R Return only the farthest object from the source
R:nn; Return only objects greater than nn light-seconds away
S:sort; Sort order (‘d’ = distance ascending; ‘D’ = distance descending
V Include virtual objects
X Only objects whose target is the source
Y Only objects angry at (or enemies of) the source
Z Exclude the player
+xyz; Exclude objects without the given attribute
-xyz; Exclude objects with the given attribute
=n Only objects of level n. You can also use >, <, >=, and <=.
+/-data:xyz; Include only/exclude objects with data ‘xyz’
+/-isPlanet:true; Include only/exclude planets
+/-property:xyz; Include only/exclude objects with property ‘xyz’
+/-unid:xyz; Include only/exclude objects with UNID ‘xyz’

Order doesn’t matter as long as multi-character items end with semicolons. If the source is nil, the center of the system is used for position, and other criteria related to the source are ignored.